France hosts the largest European university for Civil Aviation : ENAC

Minister for Ecology, Sustainable development, Transportation and Housing Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET and Secretary of State for Transportation Thierry MARIANI announced the merger between ENAC (National School For Civil Aviation) and SEFA (Operations Service for Aeronautic Formations) that becomes the biggest European university for Civil Aviation under the single name ENAC.

For more than 60 years, the ENAC has been unique in the field of graduate education as well as in the field of aeronautic formation. It teaches all the technical and scientific courses necessary for running the air transportation industry :
- Project and Operations Civil Engineers, Controllers, electronics engineer for safety systems
- Commercial Airline Pilots
- Qualified technicians

This merger will mean that :
- studying materials and equipments -such as flight and control simulators- will be shared between the two institutions
- strenghten the interactions between the various courses : engineers and controllers will know more about piloting airplanes and pilots will be more aware of the challenges facing Air Traffic Control (SESAR, NEXTGEN...)
- ease the elaboration of contracts between the ENAC and its national and international clients
- make the ENAC even more internation and highlight its status as 'the Civil Aviation University' that teachs all the trades of the industry

'This new institution will contribute to the visibility and the export activities of the French civil aviation industry by giving it the expertise and the means to cater to the needs of foreign countries for specialized education in this field.' said Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET in a statement.

ENAC website :


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