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The founder of JetBlue is about to start a new airline

TWO decades ago, David Neeleman founded JetBlue Airways, promising to “bring humanity back to air travel.” It has since grown to become one of America’s largest airlines. But stories of poor service and a lack of humanity still abound in the country’s aviation industry. And so it appears that Mr Neeleman is back and preparing to launch a new airline. Airline Weekly, a magazine, reports that Mr Neeleman, with $100m in financial backing, plans to create a new carrier called Moxy. The airline will aim to fill a niche in the American market by offering low-cost direct services between smaller airports, while providing more comfort and perks than the country’s no-frills budget airlines. In some ways, it is an ideal time to enter the market. As Airline Weekly points out, every major  American airline is currently profitable. The industry has not lost money in more than a decade. The Moxy team noted in a presentation seen by Airline Weekly that the American economy grew by more than a