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A Common Sense Solution to Slow Airplane Boarding

Boarding airplanes has slowed down in recent years, and lately there’s been a lot of chatter about whether airlines can find ingenious, creative, and algorithmic ways to speed up this anxiety-producing process. The problem is, none of them really work. Boarding every other window seat first, then middle, then aisle; or the back of the plane first; or from the front and rear at the same time. These solutions are lipstick on a pig. But lipstick doesn’t make a pig fly. Why? Because speeding up the slow boarding process isn’t about tinkering with the order in which you let people on the plane. It’s about the amount of time passengers spend in the aisle, hefting their bags into the overhead compartments, and stowing them under the seats. The more and bigger bags people bring on, the slower the line moves. It doesn't help that many carriers now charge $25 for the first checked bag on domestic flights, and more for a second. That amounts to inviting people to carry on luggage i

People Angrily Tweet At United Airlines Parody Account Thinking It’s Real, Parody Account Hilariously Responds

The @UnitedAirlanes parody account was created in May 2012 and tweeted for a month before going silent. Via  Twitter: @unitedairlanes On Wednesday, more than a year later, the creator of the account realized something glorious. Via 1. Robert Gillespie @ nffc65 Follow This  @unitedairlanes  flight crew is incompetent can't load the; plane horrible service 3:01 AM - 28 Jul 13 Reply Retweet Favorite United Airlanes @ unitedairlanes Follow .  @nffc65  You should see our crews load a t-shirt bazooka though - Ralfio can in seconds. He can even hit business class from the cockpit! 9:54 PM - 30 Jul 13 Reply Retweet Favorite 2. Sarah Dobson @ sarahlouisedob Follow @unitedairlanes  is the true meaning of cattle class. Delays with no explanation. Food you should feed to the dog and staff that don't care! 7:40 PM - 20 Jul 13 Reply Retweet Favorite United Airlanes @ unitedairlanes