On a single A380 flight between Paris and Tokyo, Air France can serve over 1,600 meals to 538 passengers.

As this flight lasts 12 hours and even 12 hrs and 35 min on the journey back from Japan to France, Air France provides three meal services - two meals (lunch and breakfast in the Paris-Tokyo direction, and lunch and dinner in the opposite direction) and a snack suited to the time of day and duration of the flight.

Passengers can savour French gastronomic cuisine as well as Japanese dishes and culinary specialties and local produce, such as tofu, sukiyaki beef or shiitake mushrooms. Customers travelling in La Première or Business classes can taste saké or Oolong green tea on flights between Japan and France.

To accompany the meals, red wines and Champagne are offered in all the cabin classes. At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, 115 bottles of Champagne and 115 bottles of wine are loaded on board the A380.

Halfway through the flight, outside meal times, snacks are available as self-service in all the cabins, including in Voyageur. Soups, osenbei and Misoshiru soup are available to customers who feel like something to eat.

22 flight attendants, of which at least 5 are Japanese, serve the meals. They are divided between the A380's three cabin classes - La Première( First), Affaires (Business) and Voyageur (Economy).  In total, 170 Japanese air hostesses and stewards work on board Air France aircraft.

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