The Economist: Event on the future of aerospace in Paris on October 15th

New engine technologies, electrical powered runways, unmanned combat vehicles… the world of aerospace is evolving fast.
Air travel is more competitive than ever as new entrants, keen to service fast-growing passenger numbers, disrupt existing markets and business models. Aircraft manufacturing is set for a shake-up as Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and Canadian players position themselves to upset the Boeing/Airbus duopoly in “full-sized” airliners.
In this environment of flux, industry CEO's face tough challenges to set coherent plans for growth.
At The Economist Events' Future of Aerospace, policymakers and senior executives from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aeronautic and defence companies will gather to discuss the future of air travel, defence and aerospace technology, debating how strategic and investment choices need to evolve with the times and how regulations can be modernised to encourage innovation and efficiency.


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