Openskies opens economic class... Again!

Some airlines giveth, some airlines taketh away. Depending on how you prefer to travel, this could be a matter of both. British Airways' all-premium cousin, OpenSkies has announced the addition of a third class onto their 757s flying over the Atlantic. Besides the Biz Beds and Biz Seats, passengers can now expect an all new, Eco Class.

Looking back at the history of this BA subsidiary, this 3-class concept is not new at all. When first launched, OpenSkies originally had a small economy cabin that offered customers a more upscale flying experience. After the merger with L'Avion in 2008, aircraft were reconfigured to an all-business class model featuring both lie-flat and recliner business class seats.

Currently some aircraft are still flying with either 12 or 24 lie-flat seats and between 40 and 72 business class seats. Beginning June 19th, the entire OpenSkies fleet will squeeze more seats into their birds. From the front of the plane, the airline offers 20 lie-flat beds (Biz Bed), 28 comfy seats called Prem Plus (former Biz Seat), and 66 all-leather economy seats.

On-board service, irrespective of cabin, includes personal tablets for on-demand entertainment and the comfort of intimate cabins. The more premium you fly, the more personalized and elite the service gets. Not to worry, members of BA's Executive Club can earn and redeem Avios points for all 3 classes.

Chalk this up as, yet, another example of all-business class carriers fighting to survive in the highly competitive industry. Here's hoping that this evolution works and drives prices even more affordable.



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